bowl of fruit

45 acres in France

map of France


Four seasons

A year full of delights

Spring is full of wild flowers and the perfect time to enjoy the villages of the Haute Garonne & Gers in the warm sun. The vide-grenier and brocantes are prevalent and fresh produce plentiful.

Summers are of course hot and the perfect excuse to take advantage of watersports on the local rivers and lakes. July and August are famous in this region for the Fetes. Each village celebrates its Saint for an entire week and hosts concerts, discos, banquets and BBQs.

In Autumn, help yourselves to the fruit that has ripened in the garden. There are figs, damsons, apples, quinces and table grapes. Join in the hunt feasts at the start of the game season; they’re communal affairs held in the village squares.

Winter brings snow to the peaks of the Pyrenees, yet still the most amazing blue skies. You know that ski feeling when you’re wrapped up with the sun on your face and all the houses smell of wood burning stoves?