45 acres in France

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Love food

The food capital of France

You can’t get away from fabulous food here so we felt we had to do justice to the cooking and eating experience. Naturally you’ll want to delegate as much as possible to the BBQ area where it cooks itself!! The herb garden is adjacent so grab some rosemary to throw on the coals.

The garden has a huge teak table and chairs where you can get rather too comfortable. If so, you only need a quick drive to Aurignac to take advantage of the most fabulous butcher, greengrocer, boulangeries, wine shop and 2 minimarts.

Inside there is an unconventional square table which is far more sociable than a traditional farmhouse table and much envied by our neighbours. The kitchen is huge and brand new; complete with range cooker and every utensil you could imagine.

If you prefer to eat out, there are 6 great restaurants within a 10 minute drive.